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Have more american names to choose from.

Most of the names on here are Oriental or latino/latina. I would like more American sounding names and maybe even some Australian names would be great. Just more variety in general would be awesome.
steph, 31.08.2013, 08:45
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The Go button isn't working.

The Go button doesn't do anything when I click on it. Also, when I try to change the names it doesn't show the full list of names, the top part is covered by the Go button. This worked great for me for a long time until the recent updates adding...
Craig, 04.09.2013, 13:44
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This is so cool! Exactly what we needed to award our raffle door prizes. Thank you for providing this free tool! Sandy McVey

Freely share with the developers and the public -- thanks a bunch!
Sandy McVey, 28.05.2014, 19:58
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remove names! Cannot remove extra names. How to do this?

Janet, 18.09.2014, 21:06
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change sound

salam , 28.10.2014, 15:53
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Easier to save and share

I don't know how I share it with my friends because it is very unclear how to do it.
Chocolate, 18.05.2015, 13:30
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