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Font ?

I love this name selector. Can I change the font?

Erica , 13.08.2013, 16:38
Idea status: completed


markfisher, 06.09.2013, 09:12

Thanks for your idea. If enough people would like the feature we will look to implement it.
carolynsuetoo, 31.08.2014, 13:41
I used to teach kindergarten. I understand a need for having a variety of fonts to choose from. The current font is lovely and is easily read. It shouldn't be too difficult to add a couple of font options. Personally, I would like to have that option.
angelique, 21.09.2014, 18:33
I would love the option too. As my children are not used to this a, g, u and z for example.
Irene, 20.06.2015, 09:53
Yes, I would appreciate the font option (something really simple and smaller, perhaps), too.
Sam, 07.07.2015, 10:57
I would also like this, as I teach secondary and my pupils would find this font patronising.
johnyma22, 15.11.2015, 23:53
This has now been added to the random name selector. Font is now a choice.

Andy, 16.11.2015, 14:41
I loved the old font, plus all my links have now broken.
markfisher, 16.11.2015, 14:43

The old font is still available you can now choose it from the font drop down.

Your old link will now be broken, sorry about this you will need to add your names back in and create a new link.


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