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select multi-name !!!

It 'll be nice if the application can select 'n' users from the list, 'n' is defined by the user. I hope to implement my idea. thanks :)
boytun, 20.04.2014, 00:23
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Would be nice to also have a tool to make group (e.g. 3 persons per group) quickly.

JB, 22.04.2015, 21:12
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How do I get the audio to work?

I remember this having audio, how do I get it back or is that feature removed?
Rocco, 27.01.2016, 21:05
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not very randomized

I tried 10 GO on your demo page http://primaryschoolict.com//random-name-selector (50 names in the list), 3 times (refreshing the page each time). But the algorithm only selected 16 different names in the whole process, 4 of them twice in the same...
SABIDO, 23.08.2016, 17:09
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change background color

change yellow collor to other colors
bojana, 29.09.2016, 08:28
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be able to change the background color

It would be great to have an integrated option where we can select one of several colors for the background to match whatever we need it to. I love this selector but the yellow is killing my eyes and intensifies my bad migraines.
PSmith, 29.03.2017, 17:05
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Allow label translations

I would be nice to easily modify english tags and labels to local foreign langage.
Bruno, 31.03.2016, 13:46
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Hi! I want to translate the random name selector tool into Turkish.
Tayfun, 22.05.2015, 16:33
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Have sound on Random Name Selector (there used to be sound).

No sound...
Les, 26.02.2016, 10:01
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Raffle based on the amount of Tickets

So, I have the folow question... I'm doing a raffle and many users have multiple tickets and for each ticker I'll repeat their username to ensure he have more chances to win... Is there a limit of how many times I can add the same username?
Iskandar, 30.11.2015, 00:18
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Avoid a name to be selected again when sorted once

When making several runs, an already picked name should't be selectable again.
Bruno, 31.03.2016, 13:39
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Be able to replace the camel logo at the top of the page with our own logo. Or just remove it completely.

As a hosted service, I suppose any logo change would affect all users. So maybe just having no logo would be better. I don't quite understand the significance of the camel..
Chris Betcher, 27.08.2016, 03:32
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Please! Adjust page so it can be used on smartphones

This is crucial - it is not possible to scroll to the bottom of the page to properly see og remove student names on a smartphone. Please fix! - Very cool tool!
trm0002, 18.01.2017, 09:32
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Font ?

I love this name selector. Can I change the font?
Erica, 13.08.2013, 17:38
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Can I decrease amount of time to choose a student?

Can I decrease the amount of time it takes to choose a student? (For example from 4 seconds to two seconds?) Great tool by the way! Thanks, Gary
Gary, 23.08.2012, 16:54
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a name is not selected (on firefox)

Seems to work fine on explorer, no name is actually selected on firefox - or is hidden from view perhaps...
HN, 08.10.2013, 16:34
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This is awesome! Except that when I click Save and share, Their are no links!

Their are no links when I click save and share!
Melody, 06.04.2012, 17:47
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I would like to be able to turn off the sound.

KC, 27.06.2012, 07:47
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In IE9, when I click "Remove Name From List" nothing happens.

In IE9, clicking on "Remove Name From List" does not remove the name.
Spiral9, 23.04.2014, 14:19
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I LOVE this application! As a teacher, I use it all the time with my students. However, I am unable to get the URL and embed codes to work :(

I began using the Random Name Selector a few weeks ago. A colleague of my loved it and wanted to set up her classes as well. Unfortunately we are unable to save the URL/embed code.
Amanda Brouwer, 05.12.2011, 18:59
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The easy to share URL is empty

The easy to share URL is empty
Karl Ivar Dahl, 03.01.2013, 13:33
13 votes Vote

Not displaying URL

I have a list but when I click on the share / save button, nothing happens?
Miss McD, 03.04.2013, 14:08
11 votes Vote

In IE9, the names list does not fully show.

In IE9 when I click on "Change Names", the top three lines are covered by the "Go!" button.
Spiral9, 22.04.2014, 15:10
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No sound

After the first two students have been selected the sound turns off I would like to be able to keep the sound on.
Joe Bloggs, 30.06.2013, 10:54
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Apostrophe in name disables "remove" button

I entered a group of 80 students. I had 4 students with a apostrophe in their name ' When I clicked the "remove" button when these students were selected, they could not be removed from the list. I realized it was 4 students with apostrophes in...
John, 21.10.2013, 04:12
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When I click "Remove Name From List" nothing happens.

Clicking the "remove name from list" button does nothing.
Garrett, 30.08.2013, 15:09
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Can't go on after using timer

After selecting a name, I tried using the timer to see how that worked. There was no way to stop the timer, and even when it ended, I couldn't find any way to go on and select another name. I had to reload the page completely and start over. This...
Ben Norris, 12.12.2011, 15:06
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Can I change the share http? For some reason j.mp is blocked from my schools filter?

The website http://j.mp/YRDxpR is not allowing me to view it because of a filter problem, but my other classes are showing up because they do not start with j.mp can I change this somehow?
Jennifer Brewer, 06.12.2012, 15:00
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6 votes Vote

Hi. Great tool! Are there any plans for an editable version please? Background colours, font, sounds etc. Many thanks MrC

Jules, 05.09.2014, 14:04
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Accent marks donĀ“t show on a saved url

I am a Spanish teacher and use this site to randomly choose questions in Spanish. When I save the url, accent marks and special punctuation come back as code - unreadable. Could this be fixed so I can save sets without re-typing for each class?
Andrea, 28.08.2014, 15:08
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